This is my life, one lyric at a time. I'm a twenty-something-year-old searching for the meaning behind life, hoping that someday I'll give mine a sense of purpose and direction. I smile so bright the sun wanna battle me.
You mirin? //

Stay up too late and it hurts to breathe…said, “It’s four a.m, girl, go back to sleep”. Sometimes at night I can hear her dreams, come rescue me, come rescue me. Don’t you ever leave, don’t you ever leave. I know we got our problems and it’s probably me, so hold onto me…hold onto me.


I. Can’t. Go. On. Living. This. Way!


Love me if you know what it means,
and I’ll be as strong
as you need me to be
(as strong as you need)


I’m already something to someone that I don’t know.


1. Let Live - Of Mice & Men //  2. I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends //  3. Let’s Talk About Your Hair - Have Mercy //  4. Monster - Paramore //  5. Here’s To The Collaborative Efforts Made Under The Sun - My Iron Lung //  6. You And I In Unison - La Dispute //  7. The Lives We Live - Jonny Craig //  8. Sleep - Citizen //  9. This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death Of Me - Being As An Ocean //  10. I’m Already Gone - A Day To Remember //  11. Broken Homes - My Iron Lung //  12. Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t - Brand New //  13. Debris - Counterparts //  14. Andria - La Dispute //  15. Same Book But Never The Same Page - A Day To Remember //  16. Anchor Down - Real Friends //  17. Hebron - Real Friends

Why is Alex in one millisecond of this?! What the actual fuck?! Get out. Get. The fuck. Out.

It’s easy from the outside, 
you’re fighting to get in. 
It’s not all gold and glory, 
I gave my life for this. 
They never fail to judge me 
no matter who I am,
I can’t change my story 
but I’ll do the best I can.

You think I do a pub crawl every year ‘cause I like it when my liver hurts? No! I go ‘cause there’s guys there. We don’t wear heels for our circulation. We do it to prop up our butt so you’ll look at me and want to mate with me. That’s why we do it. This isn’t a fucking game, all right? This isn’t a push-up bra. It’s body armor. And this ain’t makeup, sweetheart. It’s war paint. Let’s make a baby.

- Iliza Shlesinger